Palestinsk dissident, fredsaktivist og politisk flyktning i fengsel i Norge

Undertegnede gjorde nylig et langt intervju med Aaron Ara som skulle brukes til å tipse diverse nyhetskanaler om hans prekære situasjon, og under følger skrivet jeg hadde forberedt å sende, med lenker til intervjuet og annen relevant info. Så fikk jeg høre at Aaron Ara nå er arrestert og sitter på Trandum, og at man skal kontakte Berit Werner om man vil hjelpe.

Jeg hadde akkurat forberedt å sende dette til ulike aviser og nyhetskanaler, jeg ventet bare på Aarons tilbakemelding, da jeg fikk vite at han var arrestert.

To whom it may concern

Aaron Ara (Haroon Al-Rashid Abu Arra) is a Palestinian refugee from Jenin, West Bank, who has been turned down for an asylum in Norway, even though his life is most certainly in danger should he return to Palestine. Aaron Ara not only protests the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, he also opposes corrupt Palestinian authorities and Islamic extremists.
As a radio host and an actor of the Freedom Theatre ( ) he believes in Arabs and Israelis building a future together, and for this he has been under threat from Al-Aqsa/Fatah. The Freedom Theatre was in fact set fire to after putting up a performance of “Animal Farm”, and the director/teacher Juliano Mer-Khamis has later been murdered. (

Since coming to Norway, Aaron Ara has been busy setting up the party Humanity for the Liberation of Palestine ( ), a party that believes peace in the Middle East can only come from Israelis and Palestinians living together (a one-state solution), and the party is open for membership from both groups of people. Freedom of expression, women’s rights and social reform are other causes for the Humanity party.
Please take a look at the material we have gathered about Aaron Ara. You may find that he is an inspiring voice that transcends the politics of hate which has brought so much havoc to his area of the world. Will you not take an interest to his case and hear him out? Doesn’t he, his thoughts, his work and his case deserve attention from the media, not only in Norway but internationally, as well?
Is it deserving of our civilization to send this man to his death?

If you see the urgent need to follow this up, here is Aaron Ara’s contact information:
Phone:+47 45 57 85 97
(As Aaron Ara for the time being stays in Norway with no rights or income, please be informed he may not be able to return phone calls at any given time)

Interview with Aaron Ara in five parts, conducted by Bjarne Benjaminsen 17 Dec 2011:

Interview by Asia Magazine from 2009 (referred to in the above interview), while Aaron Ara was still at the Freedom Theatre in Jenin, included are clips from the Michael Palin acting classes also referred to in the above interview:

Aaron Ara confronting Mahmoud Abbas at the Grand Hotel, Oslo:

Yours truly
Aaron Ara
Bjarne Benjaminsen (friend of Aaron Ara and Norwegian citizen)

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  5 comments for “Palestinsk dissident, fredsaktivist og politisk flyktning i fengsel i Norge

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    30/12-11, 18.34!/events/141318529314045/;layout=button_count/;layout=button_count/

    Les ..lik og komenter denne linken og ver med på å spre budskapet til Aaron…hjelp han i sin kamp. hilsen Humanist.

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    31/12-11, 17.20

    Aaron is a Peace activist! Working for what the World need today!
    When they arrest such a man we can wonder.. What is going on????
    Is this what the politicans want?
    In that case they must like the opposit! Men working against Peace?? FOR WAR!!! Is that what community want??
    I want an answer!!
    Aaron is arrested and do not eat so it is in a hurry!!
    Please answer me!

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      Aaron Ara
      19/09-14, 11.46

      i am here in Palestine i suffer since 2012 thank you Norway.

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    Liv Beathe Rodal
    04/01-12, 21.49

    Det er en stor skam at dette har hent.Og at de snek han ut fra Trandum til flyplassen,er helt horribelt.Som norsk,føler jeg skam,oppgitthet og sinne.Hvordan kan de gjøre slik mot Aaron,som er et fredens menneske.Vi har andre tilfeller,hvor et menneske som lever i Norge,ikke kan sendes hjem før Norge får garanti,for at han ikke blir drept om han drar til sitt hjemland.Denne personen har reist på ferie til hjemlandet flere ganger!!! Og Fikk Norge garanti for et Aaron kan leve trygt i sitt land? Sitter med mange spørsmål om dette,men ingen svarer Fra»høyere hold»

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    08/01-12, 03.26

    Hva betyr dette for andre asylsøkere med endelig avslag her i Norge? Jeg også skjems over hva som foregår.

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